Bizimköy on the Turkish Riviera is located between Kizilagac and Manavgat, a county town of Antalya on the Turkish Riviera with 101 742 Inhabitants (January 2006).
Manavgat lies 75 km east of Antalya, 60km northwest of Alanya and 7 km north-east of the ancient city of Side.
Here you can see a map and a sketched map.

From Antalya airport Bizimköy can be reached in about an hour by taxi, transfer (12 €) or car hire (from 20 € per Day).
One can also take a public bus from Antalya to Manavgat for a few YTL. A taxi from the airport to the nearest bus stop on the main road will cost 5-10 €, for a taxi from Manavgat to Bizimköy you should not pay more than 45 YTL.
While Antalya, Alanya, Side, Kumköy are crowded by tourists, you will find only pure nature and wonderful peace in Bizimköy.
South of the site there is a nature reserve with magnificent pine trees along the beach. In spring everything's in bloom, everywhere you see red anemones, a wonderful sight!
Walk a few minutes to the west, you get to the mouth of the river Manavgat. Here some anglers are fishing every day, the fish do probably bite well.
Walk along the beach 4 km to the east, you reach Kizilagac where you will find restaurants, shops and discos.
To the north and east of Bizimköy there are only fields - mostly cotton fields - and meadows.
In the evenings a sheep- and goat herd passes Bizimköy and grazes 'almost in front of your Window '.
Many other animals can be observed. Little owls live in the chimneys of the houses, tortoises cross -especially in spring- your way. Storks stopover on the neighboring field and feast on the many frogs. And at the ponds you can even see Kingfishers sometimes.
The cats of our village keep a respectful distance to the guests, but are quickly tame, if you feed them.
Also ants are there. Use caution when fyou leave food lying open, ant also come into the house! This is normal, and people who can not tolerate ants, spiders, geckos etc., should rather book on the 10th floor of a high rise hotel or shun trips to the south completely.


From April to November the average daily temperature is over 20 ° C, in the summer months more than 30 ° (to 45 °). It doesn't drop below 20 ° C even at night .
Perfect for sun-seekers and for night-owls!
In winter it rains for a third of the month but there is usually no frost.
On sunny days, it can even be pleasantly warm, the high temperatures in winter are sometimes at 18 to 20 °.

Antalya Turkey  Jan  Feb  Mär  Apr  Mai  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Okt  Nov  Dez 
Hours of sun/day  10  12  12  11  10 
Daytemperature  15  16  18  22  26  26  34  35  31  27  20  17 
Nighttemperature  10  13  17  17  22  24  21  16  12  10 
days of rain/month  11  10 
Watertemperature  17   17   18   20   21   21   26   26   26   24   20   17